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Tips, Tools and Suggestions for Planting Spring Bulbs
Comeback Grasses
Spoooookyrumpus Plants!

Grow Your Own Bird Feed

With many species of communal garden birds in sharp decline it is now more important than ever to provide a food source during the harsher, leaner winter months.  It is always advisable to plant many different plants in order to …

Tools to be Treasured

At Coolings we feel that gardening should always be a pleasure and not back ache, but having the right tools for the job can really make a difference.  This autumn you will see an exciting new look to our tool …

Plant Tips for September to November

Plant TipsSeptemberDivide overgrown perennials from this month onwardsAny late flowering perennials should be staked to prevent damageSeptember is an ideal month to sow or turf new lawnsSpring bedding can be planted now to establish before winter Plant out spring onion setsThe …