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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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Greenhouses Growing with Us!

New range now available in-store

Greenhouses Growing with Us!

Coolings are stocking a brand new range of high-quality greenhouses from Vitavia, launching this spring.

There are models to suit every budget, from cold frames to ‘orangery style’ statement greenhouses and delivery is usually within two weeks.

Greenhouses aren’t just for the most dedicated gardeners.  With our increasingly unpredictable climate and a growing shared passion to become more eco-friendly, a greenhouse is a perfect addition to everyone’s garden.

You can not only grow plants all year round but spend more time in your garden, even in the winter, which in itself brings added health benefits.  You can even save money too, by growing your own vegetables all year round, and by overwintering or frost protecting your less hardy plants.

“More and more gardeners are realising and appreciating the benefits of owning a greenhouse. Whatever the weather, a greenhouse can create its own micro climate. The growing season can start earlier and vegetables can be harvested for longer and, if you grow them organically, they will be free from harmful chemical residues.”  (Andrea, Vitavia)

High-quality construction

Vitavia are a family owned company that operate from their warehouses in Suffolk, supplying quality hobby greenhouses, widely regarded as being the best value for money, backed up by exceptional customer service. As a trusted retailer for the company, we are proud to be stocking this new range. All Vitavia greenhouse frames are constructed from anodised aluminium, ensuring clean handling and a pristine finish. Supplied as kits, the frames simply bolt together, constructed by Vitavia approved installers available in both Kent and Sussex.
Three of the new models feature in our Cuttings magazine – Spring 2024 

Saturn Greenhouse

Available in 5 sizes, each 2.57m (8’5”) wide, the Saturn (Diana) makes a real statement with its attractive curved eaves.

The five models in the range have double doors for increased access and the Vitavia integral standard gutters.

Depending on size, the Saturn (Diana) is equipped with up to 4 roof vents and, as well as precisely cut glass, is supplied with u/v protected acrylic panels for the curved eave sections.

The complete Vitavia range is available in both Powder Coated Green or *Anodised Aluminium (*Anodisation is a process the aluminium goes through to keep it looking pristine throughout its life)

Options available: 8′ x 6′ / 8′ x8′ / 8′ x 10′ / 8′ x 12′ / 8′ x 14′  Priced from £935


The Sirius 1300 is a spacious ‘orangery style’ greenhouse, beautifully designed with many fine features.

Lots of space for growing plants, or just relaxing (or both!)

It offers an impressive eaves’ height of 1.57m and the glass is held securely in place with a new black rubber capping system.

A strong matching steel base and three downpipes are included as standard, as well as double doors and 4 roof vents.

Options Available: 13′ x 13′ Priced from £2655


Ideal for any gardener, the 1.93m (6’4”) wide Venus greenhouse is available in 5 sizes, so can meet the needs of both the beginner and the experienced gardener.

There is a single sliding door which can be positioned to the left or the right.

The Venus is equipped with 1 or 2 roof vents, depending on size and the structure has been strengthened with the inclusion of roof braces, with additional side braces in the Venus 7500. All Venus models have been approved by the TÜV Standards Authority.

The complete Vitavia range is available in both Powder Coated Green or *Anodised Aluminium (*Anodisation is a process the aluminium goes through to keep it looking pristine throughout its life)

Options available: 6′ x 4′ / 6′ x 6′ / 6′ x 8′ / 6′ x 10′ / 6′ x 12′ Priced from £415


We have greenhouse experts in-store to help you decide which greenhouse would be right for your site and needs.

The full range of Vitavia greenhouses are available to order from all our of centres and a selection of models are on display at Coolings The Gardener’s Garden Centre and Coolings Wych Cross.

For more information now, you can view the Vitavia Greenhouses Brochure here. Or view their YouTube channel.





The display models on show at Coolings The Gardener’s Garden Centre are The Saturn, Apollo and Neptune. Models are also on display at Coolings Wych Cross.