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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

Top Tools to Ease the Autumn Clear Up

Gardening should always be a pleasure and not back ache, and having the right tools for the job can really make a difference. Here are some of our suggestions…Top of the list is dealing with Leaves! You can’t do much …

Boost Autumn Colour with our Top Picks

Create a dynamic look with vibrant stems. We love…Shrubby Cornus alba which are grown for their vivid winter stem colour. We particularly love Cornus alba ‘Sibirica Variegata’ for its outstanding orange and red foliage in autumn and striking bright red …

Fruit for Small Spaces

Autumn is the perfect time to plant fruit trees and bushes.  Where space is limited, there are plenty of options for growing tasty crops of fresh, pick-your-own fruit, straight from your garden or outside space.Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty' is …