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Coolings In Bloom 2018

What is In Bloom? Imagine for a moment the places we live devoid of plants and trees? It's a terrible image isn't it!  As a society we see, but don't notice, the enormous contribution made by plants to our quality of …

Perfect Partners - Top Ten Herbs for Popular Dishes

Growing Herbs is easy and rewarding.  Flourishing in tubs and containers they complement modern living and a healthy lifestyle, making beautifully tactile scented displays.  Homegrown cannot be bettered for freshness and taste, plus has the advantage that you can pick …

Oh Sow Easy!

With so many grass seeds on the market there will be something for every garden, but the sheer amount of choice can often seem overwhelming. Don’t worry as we’ve got it all ‘sown’ up!When to Sow?The best time to sow …