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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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Plan Your Summer Colour Spectacular!

Plan Your Summer Colour Spectacular!

Planting summer bulbs in the spring will ensure a dazzling display of colour for you to sit back and enjoy in the summer months. With a little bit of planning, you will be rewarded with blooms from late spring right through to autumn. If you’d rather keep things simple, choose one type of bulb but stagger the planting times, adding more each month.

If you’re planting in borders, we recommend planting in groups of at least six for a good display of colour. Most bulbs are happy growing in containers, brightening up even the smallest of outdoor spaces. There’s no set date that’s best for planting summer flowering bulbs but a general rule is once the soil has dried out and the risk of frost has passed. Alternatively, you can plant bulbs in containers now but keep them indoors until the weather warms up. Don’t forget to pick up a bulb planter, not only will it make the job easier and cleaner but a bulb planter will also ensure you’re planting each bulb at the correct depth.

We’ve listed some of our favourite summer flowering bulb categories below, along with their flowering month to make planning your summer colour spectacular a little easier.

Summer flowering bulbs are available to purchase in-store and online now.


Long stemmed poppy like flowers creating a carpet of colour.

Flowers in spring.

Pictured: Kapiteyn Anemone Mr. Fokker





One of the most rewarding plants in the summer with their assortment of vibrant colours and long flowering season.

Flowers from July until the first frosts.

Pictured: Kapiteyn Begonia Cascade Sunray





Beautiful blooms that come in vibrant and pastel colours, providing effortless colour!

Flowers late-summer and lasts until the autumn.

Pictured: Crocosmia George Davidson





Famous for their impressive blooms in a variety of vivid colours and different bloom types.

Flowers from mid-July through to autumn.

Pictured: Kapiteyn Dahlia Blue Bell





Often know as ‘Sword Lilies’, adding structure and elegance to the border in a whole host of colours.

Flowers from July until the first frosts.

Pictured: Kapiteyn Gladiolus Mixed Colours





Scent, scale and drama! Available in a range of types and sizes, they make a stunning focal point.

Flowers from early summer to autumn.

Pictured: Lily Stargazer





Showy blooms in shades of pink, red and white.

Flower late summer into autumn.

Pictured: Nerine Bowdenii





Funnel shaped flowers in a fantastic array of colours, particularly effective when grown in groups in a border.

Flower late spring to midsummer.

Kapiteyn Zantedeschia Captain Romance



Pre-Packed Themes

We love these summer flowering bulb pre-packed colour themes. Combinations of bulbs in themed colours  ideal for attracting bees and butterflies.

Available in salmon & orange, red & white, white & blue and violet & pink.

Flower July to October.