Sustainable Environment
Sustainable Environment
We support alternatives to single use plastics
Consumption & Conservation
Consumption & Conservation
We harvest rainwater from our on-site reservoirs
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Carbon Footprint
With 80% of bedding plants grown onsite
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Composting & Recycling
We recycle over 90% of our on-site waste


Trail Blazers!

Summer is the season when we all want to enjoy our outside space at home.  A great way to add a colourful note is to plant up some pots and baskets.  Spending a few moments of a summers evening tending plants is the perfect way to relax and re-connect with nature.

Sometimes the range of patio plants can seem a little baffling, especially the wide selection of cascading plants used to soften the edges of displays.  Here we give our pick of this season’s top choices for tempting trailers…

NEW Petunia ‘Baby Doll’
We spotted this fab new variety in the breeders show trial last summer… the photo speaks for itself!  A unique cutting-raised novelty petunia of semi-trailing habit, ‘Baby Doll’ is a great choice for patio baskets and containers.

Trailing Osteospermum Erato Series
Top choice for a sunny location these recent introductions will bring a smile to a summer’s day. We grew a test batch last year and were delighted with the results!  Plant three in a tub or basket and enjoy!  Available in Purple, Rose Bi-Colour and White.

‘Waterfall’ Lobelia
These cutting raised varieties are the thoroughbred relations of the familiar pack grown types… amazing for vigor and flower power all summer!  We grow and sell them in 9cm and 1litre pots.

Trixi-Mix Trailers
For people looking for a quick, easy solution you cannot beat these high-impact, ready-to-go colour combinations.  We also grow a huge number of great value pre-grown patio pots and hanging baskets ready for you to take home and enjoy!


Scaevola ‘Blue Fan’
This unusual blue flowered trailer is a great choice as an alternative to lobelia in baskets. The attractive fan-shaped blooms are bourne in profusion throughout the summer.


Mini Trailing Petunias
Correctly called Calibrachoa these fantastic plants fill a container with colour and have the added bonus of not requiring dead heading.  Available in a mouth-watering array of colours.  Look out for the double flowered “mini-rose” forms in store this year!


Nemesia ‘Wisley Vanilla’
These beautiful semi-trailing nemesias have dainty white flowers that have a gorgeous vanilla fragrance and are produced all summer. Perfect for spilling over the edge of a pot placed by a door, where the scent can be enjoyed every time you pass.

Trailing Ivy Leaf Geraniums
Top choice for ease and colour, trailing geraniums will forgive you if you miss the odd watering for a day.  Best in a sunny spot they will produce a magnificent display until the first frosts. We sell both semi-double and single flowered forms in a wide colour spectrum, grown here on our own nursery in Knockholt.


Begonia Illumination Series
For out and out flower power there is little to beat a trailing Begonia.  Happy in sun or shade there are a wide range of colours available in the Illumination series.  The magnificent display in several local pubs started life on our nursery!!

NEW Petunia ‘Queen of Hearts’

We love this beautiful new semi-trailing Petunia which really packs a punch with its vibrant red and yellow starry flowers. Worth a try!


Cuphia ‘Tiny Mice’
With a spreading habit and eye-catching tubular flowers of red and purple, this unusual plant will complement any basket or container. The flowers look like sweet little Mice!  Will bloom all summer if fed weekly and help brighten and add interest to your garden.  We recommend using miracle-go plant feed for best results.