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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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Use Water Wisely

Use Water Wisely in your Garden

As temperatures begin to rise and with climate change the word on everyone’s lips, we all need to do our bit to save the most precious of commodities…water.

Gardens are a haven for so many of us and of course in order to grow, our gardens and containers need water, and more than just our annual rainfall! Only hardy shrubs and mature trees can survive on this alone, all other plants and vegetables need supplementary watering in order to survive and thrive.

By adopting a mindful approach as to how we manage water in our green spaces we’ll not only help save the planet, but save money too!

Here we have some practical tips and resourceful solutions to help you wise up to your water usage.


Collect Rainfall 

  • Collect rainfall in your garden through water butts and storage tanks – this is vital and incredibly easy to do and rainwater is better for your plants too. If you don’t like the thought of a plastic water butt in your garden, then other fun, stylish and visually pleasing containers can be employed – reclaimed whisky barrels, steel troughs or large pots can be used. And of course, leaving your watering can out in the open to fill, saves one less fill.
  • Rain chains can replace traditional, functional plastic drains to stylishly elevate water falling and collection from roof gutters.
  • Irrigation ponds linked to gutters or overflows can provide water, and a natural habitat for wildlife too.
  • Drainage ditches dug to hold water, positioned alongside thirsty fruit trees will help growth and production.
  • One of the best ways to harvest rainwater is capturing it directly into the soil – the use of mulching is nothing new, but it is often overlooked and its very use helps the soil retain water by lessening evaporation by about 25 %.

Reduce Water Usage

  • It’s not just all about the collection of rainwater, but of equal importance is reducing the amount of water we use and lose through watering techniques and employing practices to help retain moisture.
  • We have mentioned mulching (above) which is a great way to reduce water usage, but also watering in the correct way can help use less water. Directing water to the plant base using leaky irrigation pipes uses less water whilst ensuring a higher quantity is absorbed by the roots. Linked with a water timer makes the system even more efficient.
  • Plants’ roots can get moisture from below by wicking – the most efficient form of watering – try sinking unglazed, permeable terracotta pots, full of water, next to thirsty crops.
  • Water at dawn or dusk in the summer months to reduce evaporation.
  • Refrain from watering your lawn – lawns are tough and will bounce back when rainfall returns.

Right Plant, Right Place

  • The old adage of right plant, right place is very apt here. Be mindful of what you plant where and when. Fast growing annuals and biennials need more water to survive than perennials, shrubs or trees. Indigenous varieties often adapt better and are more robust than non-native ones. Planting in spring and autumn helps plant survival as the there is more water in the soil at these times of year and the chance of more rain to come.



See our Summer Cuttings for more details

Coolings offers an installation service for automated irrigation systems. Whether you want just a few baskets watered or your whole garden, we can tailor a system to your precise requirements. Water can be delivered exactly to where it is needed saving you time and money, giving you longer to enjoy your garden with less work. See our link for more information

Water butts should be an essential product in everyone’s household. If every household in England collected one water butt’s worth of water a year (160 litres), we would save four billion litres of water nationwide a year!

Water butts are also super useful in times of drought, hot weather and hosepipe bans. Plants and vegetables love rain water. It’s all natural, soft and without chemicals.

Harcostar Water Butts (including tap & lid) 114 Litres £59.99 (260821)  / 168 Litres £69.99 (260820)/ 227 Litres £76.25 (260819)

Garland Spacesaver Water Butt (with tap & lid) 100 Litres £40.99 (250056)

As part of an irrigation system, a water timer is a must in the gardening world. It makes your home more sustainable and saves you time and money. All while keeping your lawn and plants healthy. Connected to direct water to the lawn or base of a plant through leaky irrigation pipes uses less water while ensuring a higher quantity is absorbed by the roots. With a timer you can schedule daily or weekly cycles for watering at sunrise, sunset or both. It also gives you peace of mind when going on holiday by simply setting up an irrigation system on timer. Definitely worth investing in.

Hozelock Sensor Controller £49.99 (236178)

Hozelock Select Plus Controller £61.99 (277863)

A very traditional and sustainable irrigation system using the action of wicking to reach a plant’s roots. New this year is the Deroma AquaDO natural red clay terracotta pot that you bury into your pots, flower beds or vegetable gardens, fill with water then cover over with its lid – the water is slowly released over a period of 5 days. This system saves up to 70% water.

Deroma AquaDO from £6.99 – £19.99  (323504/323505/323506)

Another great option for saving time and money on watering. Some of the watering granules we sell can absorb up to 80 X their own weight in water. This is Particularly useful for hanging baskets which need a lot of attention as they dry out easily.

Smart Aquagel 800g £9.99 (324540)

Products such as Vermiculite and Perlite help to aerate the soil while simultaneously retaining key nutrients and water (helps maintain soil moisture), which it then releases over time. Ideal for seed sowing and propagation, however, it can be also be very effective in the garden as it improves drainage and lightens the soil in raised beds and pots and can also be used as a mulch for many garden plants such as roses and tomatoes.

Westland G-Sure Vermiculite 10 Litres £10.99 (250712)

Vitax Perlite 10 Litres £9.99 (217289)

When you apply Mulch to your garden it helps to reduce evaporation from the soil. This allows the soil to retain more moisture in the summer, rain to penetrate the soil in winter, prevent weeds from growing and protect plant roots in winter. Essential for hot and dry weather when plants need water to thrive. Certain studies even show that mulching can reduce water wastage from 25- 50%.

Strulch Organic Straw Mulch 100 Litres £12.99 (236702)

Coolings Decorative Bark Chips 70 Litres £9.49 (303501)


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