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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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How to plant your own Terrarium

How to Plant a Terrarium

Terrariums can make a beautiful addition to any living space; they take up very little room and need very little maintenance too.

Here’s our step by step guide on how to plant you new stunning indoor display…

  • Once you have chosen your terrarium from our range online or in-store, you can create a stunning visual display from our range of miniature and slower growing houseplant varieties. Or, you can choose to plant mini succulents – we have a range in store, prices start from just £1.99 each.
  • Tip for choosing plants – keep your scheme as either succulents or houseplants, they prefer not to be mixed, and you want to ensure they stay happy!
  • You will also need Terrarium Repotting Mix (305308 £4.99) for the houseplants or Cactus & Succulent Focus Repotting Mix (305304 £3.99) for the succulents, along with a little pot of Activated Carbon (277476 £5.99), which will help ensure your terrarium stays clean and odour-free!

Now you have your new Terrarium, chosen your plants, and picked-up your compost and accessories, here’s what to do…

*** For those of you who prefer to watch, rather than read, here’s a link to our You Tube video.

1.Create a drainage layer

Using assorted clean pebbles cover the bottom of the terrarium with a good layer to create an ample drainage space. As terrariums have no holes, it is important to provide drainage for excess water, to prevent the plants’ roots from rotting.

2.Mix carbon into compost and add to terrarium

Ensure there is enough of a layer to house the plants’ roots comfortably. Smooth the soil to same depth across the terrarium.


Here’s the fun bit! Start at the back of the container and work your way forwards. Start with your largest/tallest plant and work your way planting through to the smallest. This will make it easier, but also helps with the sense of scale and creation of interesting levels.

4.Finishing touches

Now that all the plants are in place, complete the look by adding decorative touches, using the imitation soil, moss, tumbled glass and etched rocks from your FREE Terrarium Starter Accessory Kit to landscape your stunning new terrarium display.


Place your completed terrarium in good natural light, avoid direct sunlight.


As this is an open terrarium, it will need watering. This could be once a month in winter, or twice a month in warmer months, but it does depend on the plants chosen and the surrounding temperature in the room. It is best to water little at a time and ensure that the soil does not dry out.  Houseplants can be spray misted with water, but do not spray succulents.

7.Sit back and enjoy your wonderful creation!

Panacea Large Terrarium (294083)