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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Roses for Specific Situations

Roses for Specific Situations

Choosing the perfect rose for your garden and specific situation can be a daunting job! With such a wide variety of shapes, colours, scents and sizes there is certainly a lot of decisions to make. As part of Coolings Rose Festival 2020, we have put together some suggestions to provide a little guidance on selecting a rose. Coolings Rose Festival is running in store and online until July 31st 2020.



Smaller varieties of roses can be grown in pots and some larger varieties will do well too, as long as the pot selected is large enough to allow the roots to develop well. Paired with the right pot, roses can make a stunning display on a patio or balcony. Here are some roses that we would recommend for planting in pots:

Rosa ‘The Fairy’ (Shrub rose) (AGM)

‘The Fairy’ is a delightful dwarf shrub, with sprays of rosette-like, clear pink flowers which are 2.5cm in width. Flowering from late summer into autumn, this rose is perfect for adding a pretty touch to patio containers and pots.

Rosa ‘Sweet Memories’ (Patio rose)

‘Sweet Memories’ is a patio variety with glossy light-green foliage. It produces clusters of medium yellow, double flowers. A delightful choice with a good fragrance, which will bloom from June to September.

Rosa ‘Bonica’ (Shrub rose) (AGM)

A modern shrub rose with pretty, semi-double, clusters of pink flowers produced in summer and autumn. It has a light fragrance and has rich green leaves. Growing to around 4ft x 4ft, Rosa ‘Bonica’ is a tough and sturdy shrub rose.

Rosa ‘Sweet Dream’ (Patio rose)

This compact variety has glossy leaves with clusters of small double flowers, up to 6cm across. A beautiful rose which will pack a punch and add a pretty edge with its peachy-pink blooms.


Climbing and rambling roses add real impact to the garden, bringing life and colour to structures such as fences, walls and arches. These are our top picks:

Rosa ‘Maid of Kent’ (Climbing rose)

This vigorous and healthy climber has glossy, dark-green foliage along with beautiful, double light-pink blooms, which fade to white. A light fragrance is produced too, with flowers from summer to autumn. Free flowering and easy to train, this is an excellent choice for a pergola or archway.

Rosa ‘Compassion’ (Climbing rose) (AGM)

Holding a prestigious Award of Garden Merit, this impressive climbing rose (which can reach up to 15ft) produces fully double, coral-pink flowers throughout summer and autumn. It has excellent fragrance, with a strong sweet scent. Ideal for a wall, fence, doorway or house front!

Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ (Rambling rose) (AGM)

This rambling rose produces large clusters of small flowers, with a beautiful mix of colours. Purple-pink with a white centre, each bloom has eye-catching bright yellow stamens. Fading to lilac, this is a fascinating choice for an archway, wall or fence.

Rosa ‘Dublin Bay’ (Climbing rose) (AGM)

‘Dublin Bay’ is a well-loved climbing rose, with clusters of bright crimson, cup shaped flowers. Growing to around 2.2m, with a good fragrance, this is a spectacular small climber. It holds the prestigious Award of Garden Merit.


Our staff are often asked about which plants are best for shaded areas. Adding colour to these parts of the garden helps to brighten them up and bring them to life. These are our recommendations for roses which will do well in shady areas.

Rosa ‘Golden Showers’ (Climbing rose)

This large climber produces large loosely double, golden-yellow blooms which pale with age. With a long flowering season through summer and autumn, and growing up to 4m, this is an impressive rose for a partially shaded spot.

Rosa ‘Albéric Barbier’ (Climbing rose) (AGM)

Perfect for growing into large structures or trees and for shady areas. ‘Alberic Barbier’ flowers in early summer on long stems, which are easy to train. The flowers are creamy white, with a light fruity fragrance. Holds an Award of Garden Merit.

Rosa ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ (Climbing rose) (AGM)

A large growing rose with creamy white flowers, which first flower in June and July, ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ is ideal for growing into large trees or across large structures. It’s white blooms are tinged with pink and it has a strong and sweet fragrance. Holder of an Award of Garden Merit.

Rosa ‘Lady of Shalott’ (Shrub rose)

A striking orange variety, with a medium tea fragrance and loosely arranged chalice-shaped blooms. Named after Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s famous ballad, this shrub rose will thrive in a partly shaded spot and grow to around 4ft x 4ft.

Rosa ‘The Poet’s Wife’ (Shrub rose)

Producing beautiful, cupped flowers with a rich and fruity fragrance, ‘The Poet’s Wife’ is a great choice for a shady area of the garden. With it’s rich yellow blooms and lemony fragrance, this nice shrub rose is a delightful addition to any garden.

Rosa ‘Sunny Sky’ (Hybrid Tea) 

This delightful hybrid tea grows to around 1.2m tall, with lightly-scented, fully double flowers in yellow, with darker centres and lighter edges. With lots of glossy, dark green foliage and a fruity fragrance, this rose is ideal for a semi shaded area.