The Fabulous Sacred Bamboo

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Don't be put off by the name 'Bamboo' as Nandina is no relation.  It is found growing all over the Far East, and in Japanese culture it is attributed with having special powers to ward off bad dreams, so is often planted near the house entrance. 

Nandina is evergreen and easy to grow, giving interest throughout the year with white flowers in the spring followed by red berries and rich autumn coloured leaves.  

To get the best from Nandina they love a sunny position, with moist but well dranied soil.  The smaller varieties, of which there are several available, will grow quite happily in a container as long as you remember to keep them watered and fed.

No garden should be without a Nandina - fantastic value for money, changing interest with every season.  All of these varieties are available now in 2 litre pots.  

Nandina 'Firepower'
Yellowish green leaves in the summer become orange and red in the autumn and winter:  Clusters of small star-shaped white flowers appear during the summer.  H&S: 60cm x 60cm. 

Nandina 'Twilight'
Copper-pink flushed young foliage becomes irregularly flecked with white variegation before fading to green and sprays of small white flowers in summer. H&S: 1.2m x 0.6m.

Nandina 'Obsessed'
One of the best fiery red displays on new growth, turning green when leaves mature, and then changing red again when autumn arrives.  Ideal for containers.  H&S: 70cm x 60cm.

Nandina 'Blush Pink' 
The new spring pink growth gives a blushing appearance, and in the autumn turns a rich purple red.  Very compact habit.  H&S: 60cm x 60cm.

Nandina domestica (AGM)
Produces small white flowers in large panicles in the summer, followed by red berries lasting through the autumn and into the winter.  Red new shoots turn green and winter foliage changes to reds and purples.  A taller majestic variety.  H&S: 1.5m x 1.5m.

Nandina 'Lemon and Lime' (AGM)
A new introduction with vibrant, bright yellow-green foliage, contrasts with the other coloured varieties.  Does not scorch in full sun.  H&S: 60cm x 60cm.

Nandina 'Gulf Stream'
A compact, evergreen shrub with bronzy young foliage and white flowers in summer, sometimes followed by berries.  Lovely orange-red autumn colour.  H&S: 1.2m x 1m.


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