Thyme to get Herby - A Cooks Perspective

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It's becoming increasingly popular to introduce more herbs, vegetables and edible flowers into menus these days.  As bakers here at Arthurs, we are often looking for and experimenting with new ways of bringing the outdoors and nature into our cakes, pastries, desserts and tray bakes.
Growing your herbs close to your kitchen will encourage you to use them more often.  Using more fresh herbs in your cooking can add flavour, without adding more salt, butter or cheese to your dish.  Adding a little green to your meals not only makes it look prettier, but it can give you awesome health benefits too.  While dried herbs are convenient, vitamins and antioxidants are lost in the drying process. So buying fresh plants or growing your own has other benefits than just looking good.
Basil grown indoors not only makes your kitchen smell lovely in Summer, but its oils are also believed to have anti-inflammatory effects.  Why not add a handful of whole basil leaves to your salads to give them an extra zing.  Always use basil whole, or tear the leaves, to stop the leves from burising.
If you have a lot of basil, why not try making homemade pesto.  Homemade pesto tastes amazing added to pasta, salads or homemade pizzas.
Thyme is a traditional herb usually used in savoury dishes, but it is now being used in sweet dishes too. You can use thyme in cakes such as lemon and thyme loaf cake.  The addition of thyme gives you a slightly floral edge to the sponge, like a taste of Summer.  Also, thyme infused into the double cream of a creme brulee adds a new dimension.  Why not try adding some fresh raspberries to the brulee for something really special.
Rosemary is a very versatile herb.  It can be used in mashed potatoes, added to your roast potatoes and even infused in oils.  Why not try adding some to your Sunday roast.
Chives are packed with the antioxidants vitamins A and C.  Chives have a light onion flavour and can be used in many dishes.  You can add them to salad leaves, soups, coleslaws, sauces and risottos.
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