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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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Smaller Plants for BIG Impact!

Smaller Plants for BIG Impact!

Spring is the season for alpine plants! In the wild, as the snows of winter melt, these mountain dwellers burst into flower. For those looking to create permanent

low maintenance garden planters, alpines are the perfect choice. Low growing and tough as old boots they are amongst the most forgiving of plants, especially good for the novice gardener.

Our three simple tips for success are…

1. Good drainage
Alpine plants love free draining soil. We recommend planting in John Innis No. 2 Compost mixed with horticultural grit.

2. Good light
Pick a bright spot. In the wild there are no trees on mountain tops so these plants have evolved in the open.

3. Top dress with gravel
After planting cover the compost with a 1cm deep layer of gravel or grit. This looks attractive, prevents weeds and mimics natural conditions.

Show them off in shallow planters
Alpines look superb when grown in shallow planters. We have a lovely range available in store to choose from.

Here are a few fantastic choices of alpine plants for you to try…

Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’
An amazing little shrubby plant with vivid blue flowers. Even when it is not flowering the evergreen, bronze foliage looks great all year.

Iberis ‘Whiteout’
Hardy little plant bearing flat heads of pretty flowers that will provide weeks of spring colour. Looks stunning trailing down a wall or in pots, and provides a beautiful splash of white to lift patches of darker trailing plants such as Aubrieta.

Sempervivum varieties
Garden succulents are now hugely fashionable. Plant a container of these and they will require zero attention as they literally look after themselves!

Mazus ‘Albus’
Lovely little ‘flat as a pancake’ plant studded with unusual white flowers.

Erigeron ‘Sea of Blossom’
An absolute stunner of a plant that will flower non-stop from spring until autumn.