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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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Hebes - Spring Colour

Hebes – Spring Colour

Low maintenance, easy to grow, compact, attractive flowers, glossy and often colourful evergreen foliage. Hebes are loved by pollinating insects such as Bees, making them the perfect shrub choice.

Part of a Hebe’s appeal has to be in the choice they offer. Big or small leaved? Long or short flowers? High or low growing? There really is a Hebe for every gardener. Flower colours tend to come in a range of white, pinks and blues whilst the foliage can be green, silver, purple or pink as well as some incredible variegated varieties. Hebes are fairly easy to grow and are ideally suited to a warm, sunny and sheltered position with a freely drained soil, they grow equally well in open ground or in a pot.

As always, the team here at Coolings are more than happy to help you choose the right Hebe for your garden, just ask!

There are a huge number of varieties available, but below are just a few of our favourites.


Hebe ‘Heartbreaker’

Striking brightly coloured foliage throughout the year. Reaches approximately 50cm x 50cm.








Hebe ‘Blue Gem’

Spikes of bright blue flowers from June to September. Height and spread 1.2m x 1.2m.








Hebe ‘Margret’
Beautiful dwarf bush with attractive blue flowers fading to white in mid-summer. Height and spread 45cm x 50cm.

Hebe ‘Merlot Memories’

Attractive leaves that darken through the winter months, spikes of purple flowers through summer. Height and spread 60cm x 60cm.

Hebe ‘Pink Pixie’

Profusion of pink flowers from spring, ideal permanent solution for a sunny pot. Height and spread 60cm x 60cm.

Hebe pinguifolia ‘Sutherlandii’

A dwarf, rounded shape with glaucous grey leaves on purple stems and small clusters of white flowers in early summer. Height and spread 20cm x 40cm.