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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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Know Your Boundaries

As the last rays of the summer shine, before autumn gets under way, you will be starting to tidy your garden, getting it ready for winter. This is a good time to think about planning your garden structure for next season, while the plants are sleeping.

At Coolings, we have a fantastic range of wooden and metal boundaries to help structure the garden. A solid boundary can give you a good background to show off your plants, such as Grange Professional Lap panel (1.5m), £32.99. These can be painted or left a natural colour (there is a wide range of colours in stock). You can then add trellis for climbing plants. Better still, if you have a nice view, use trellis panels, so you can incorporate the view into your garden.  This gives the impression of a bigger garden plus, it lets the wind blow through putting less pressure on the panel during windy conditions. The Grange Elite St Meloir Bow Top Lattice panel (1.8m) is available at £73.50.

Panacea fencing is a fairly new range of metal fencing. This is easily slotted together, combining gates, sections and posts to create an authentic looking wrought iron fence. The posts can be pushed into the ground or there are ground and wall mounts to use for fixing to hard landscaping. Ideal for keeping a dog or children off an area of garden, making a walkway or fencing the front garden. The Kensington fence is our newest range. Metal fence panels range from £22.99 to £39.99 each.

We have a great range of garden arches and arbours. These make lovely features in themselves and are useful for supporting climbing plants such as Beans, Clematis and Roses. They are made from pressure treated wood or tubular steel which is galvanized on
the inside and out, then powder coated. This gives a very tough construction made to last.

An arbour is great, because you can sit and enjoy the scent of Roses climbing over the arbour while enjoying a glass of your preferred tipple! Some arches have gates which lead to another section of garden. The Panacea Arch Top Garden Arch with Gate is £189.99 and the Panacea Scroll Arch is £99.99. Some of the arches have matching trellis too. In timber you can have a Kelkay Rosedale Arbour, £99.99 or if you would like a covered roof how about AFK Painted Arbours for £419.

Finally, are you planning a wedding? Maybe you are looking for an impressive arch for the ceremony? We have a tunnel of three arches in white from Panacea, which is perfect for such an occasion. This is also available in black costing £299.99.

Items in this article can be found in and outside of our Outdoor Accessories glasshouse, or in our timber area by the compost. Please pay these areas a visit to see lots of other items for sale and ideas.

1. The Kensington Metal Fence


2. The Grange Elite St Meloir Bow Top Lattice panel

3. The Grange Professional Lap panel

4. Panacea Scroll Arch

5. Panacea Arch Top Garden Arch with Gate

6. Panacea Three Arches in Black