Sustainable Environment
Sustainable Environment
We support alternatives to single use plastics
Consumption & Conservation
Consumption & Conservation
We harvest rainwater from our on-site reservoirs
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Carbon Footprint
With 80% of bedding plants grown onsite
Composting & Recycling
Composting & Recycling
We recycle over 90% of our on-site waste


A High Energy Diet!

Now its the time of year to look after our feathered friends and help them survive the winter months.  Why not pop in and see our new and improved, larger range of Birdcare.

Birds don’t hibernate like mammals do, so they puff themslves up and keep active to stay warm in the bitter cold. Expending all this energy means that birds need the right food to keep their strength up.  Birds need the right food to keep their strength up.  Birdseed alone won’t do it – birds need fat and protein, too.

The obvious choice for this is suet, which we sell in a variety of forms including fat balls and suet cakes.  We also have a variety of suet pellets which can be put into a peanut feeder.  They come in four different flavours – Insect, Mealworm, Berry Nice and Nice Nuts.

Nyjer Nibbles by Tom Chambers are a favourite of Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Siskins and Redpolls.  Peanuts are another great food to offer birds in the wintertime.  Peanuts have high protein and fat levels and are often an ingredient in suet products, and are especially loved by Blue Tits.

For ground-feeding birds, Rockin’ Robin Feast containing chopped oats, peanuts and sunflower hearts is a good choice and is great for attracting not only Robins, but Blue Tits, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Goldfinch and Great Tits.

We also offer a variety of other bird food to make sure which ever feathered friend you have in your garden they will be kept fed, watered, warm and in healthy condition, throughout autumn and winter, vital for breeding in spring.

Tom Chambers Rockin Robin 1.88kg 25% FREE – £4.99

Tom Chambers Nyjer Nibbles 2kg 33% FREE – £6.99

Tom Chambers Insect Suet Treat – £1.49

Tom Chambers Insect Suet Pellets 2kg – £8.99


Give them a home!

Why not attract birds into your garden with a bird box?  They do not need to be up a tree, a suitable wall or building will do.  Bird boxes are best put up in the autumn.  Many birds will enter bird boxes during autumn and winter, looking for a great home to roost or perhaps to feed in.  These bird boxes are often then used for nesting again in spring.  Why not get a bird box now for National Nest Box week 2016 14-21 February).

If you want something different, we have bird boxes inspired by real buildings found around the world, along with the more traditional look.  You can even get a replica lighthouse or pub!

Police Telephone Box Feeder – £29.99

Traditional Telephone Box Feeder – £29.99

Printed Saltbox – Printed Series – £19.99

Cotswold Cottage – Best of British Series – £52.99

Blue Cottage – Mood Collection – £29.99

Jacobi jayne Cedar Plus Modern Officiatl National Nest Box Week, Bird Box – £23.99

Tom Chambers Oakwell Nest Box – £12.99