Sustainable Environment
Sustainable Environment
We support alternatives to single use plastics
Consumption & Conservation
Consumption & Conservation
We harvest rainwater from our on-site reservoirs
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Carbon Footprint
With 80% of bedding plants grown onsite
Composting & Recycling
Composting & Recycling
We recycle over 90% of our on-site waste

A Few of our Favourite Things (Summer 2016)

Coolings is full to bursting with wonderful plants and products.  Here, our staff pick a few personal favourites.

Sandra – Our Shop Team

Graham Maxwell Bird Table Base with Grill (£75.99).  Beautifully handcrafted, well made table.  I would not be without my Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Easy Clean Seed Feeder (£18.99).  The superb ring pull design allows the feeder to be effortlessly cleaned to ensure wild birds feeding from it stay healthy.

Nicky – Our Marketing Team

I Love the new Divine Deli Range, the golden grain is just beautiful.  The rustic bowls, snack dishes, coasters and serving boards would look great at a summer BBQ alongside the Signature Lemons range of hand painted Spanish ceramics.  The colours are so vibrant and perfect for summer dining.

Lesley – Our Education and External Affairs Team

As our resident cat lover I adore the Lily’s Kitchen cat food range.  All organic, natural ingredients and holistic recipes – my cat loves them! I’m also impressed with the range of Petface cat scratch posts (from £9.99).  Mine certainly keeps my cat alert and healthy.


Sam – Our Herbaceous Expert

Veronica gentianoides, one of my garden favourites.  Offering subtle pale blue flowers throughout the summer months and standing around 45-50cm, they are relatively pest free.  Apart from looking stunning, they are highly attractive to our pollinating insects…the bees and butterflies will thank you for it.  To plant them I’d be lost without my Kent & Stowe transplanting trowel.

Geum Koi has vibrant and lively orange flowers that will brighten up any border or planter.  These clump forming, semi-evergreen plants truly do make you smile.  Flowering from early spring to summer, you won’t regret adding these to your gardens.

Lyn – Our Climbers Expert

The beautiful Jasmine ‘Clotted Cream’ always gets my vote for its heavenly scented crisp cream flowers.  I also have a soft spot for Passion flowers, their exotic looking flowers transport me to a summer oasis.


Annie – Our Bedding Plants Team

Geraniums are always top of my list, beautiful, long flowering and are good in the heat, so I don’t have to worry about watering them excessively.  they always look great in my garden when planted alongside white Bacopa.