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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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A Few of our Favourite Things (Autumn 2016)

A few of our favourite things
Coolings is full to bursting with wonderful plants and products.  Here, our staff pick a few personal favourites.
Carol – Our Acer Expert
At this time of year, I think Acer palmatum ‘Orange Dream’ is a perfect addition to any garden, especially if you’re looking to add some autumn interest.  Acer ‘Orange Dream’ is a beautiful golden yellow-orange spring growth, a limey-green for the summer, turning stunning orange gold in the autumn.  As it’s a slow growing deciduous Acer, it’s ideal for small gardens or a large container. It would look great in one of our lime green National Trust Pots (£39.99) with some Kelkay Green Slate (£5.99 a bag, buy 3 bags or more £5.49 each) around it.
Reece – Our Roses Expert
When it comes to roses, you can’t beat the colour yellow.  There are a few gems amongst our new season roses that I personally love:  English Beauty ‘The Poet’s Wife’ is a shrub rose bred by David Austin, and has an exceptional rich fruity fragrance – strong lemon tints at first, becoming sweeter and stronger with age.  Another golden wonder is Rosa ‘Arthur Bell’ which holds prize position in my garden.  I love that it flowers very early in the season, repeat flowers and has good disease resistance.  It also has a fragrance that is rarely matched by any other floribunda variety, but as the saying goes ‘roses for noses and noses for roses’!
Helen – Our Shop Team
Candles, candles and more candles! I particularly love our Root Legacy range. As well as the large choice of fragrance, I like that they are available in lots of different shapes and sizes.  At home I’m quite traditional and always stick with a vanilla scent like Root’s ‘French Vanilla’ (Votive £1.99), but if I’m giving one as a gift I can’t resist being a little more adventurous!  My favourite is Root’s Legacy ‘Lemon Frosted Scone’ (Tin £6.99) – it burns for up to 30 hours and smells good enough to eat!  If giving as a gift, I often choose a card from our Quayside range – gardening humour is guaranteed to make my green fingered friends smile!
Kathy – Our Shop Team
I’m a keen baker when I’m not working t Coolings so my eye is always drawn to our cookery range of books.
My latest purchase was ‘500 Baking Recipes’ which is perfect for novices or experienced bakers and was great value at only £4.99 – with that many new recipes I might even give Arthurs a run for their money!  I’m also a sucker for the Fallen Fruits shopping bags (£2.99).  There is an assortment of designs, of which I already have the Farm print range, and the Nature print range will definitely be on my Christmas list!
Garry – Our Shrub Expert
Autumn has always been the best time for planting.  It’s only since plants have been containerised that people prefer to plant in the spring sunshine.  In the autumn the soil is still warm, the nights are cooler, the rain and dewy mornings all combine to get plants rooting before the winter sets in. Once the spring arrives, the plants get off to a flying start.  Some of my favourite larger specimens to plant nor are Ilex, Euonymus alatus, Magnolia, Viburnum, Prunus lusitanica and Thuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’ benefit the most from this early establishment, helping them to grow strongly during the next summer.