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Sustainable Environment
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Consumption & Conservation
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Reduced Carbon Footprint
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Composting & Recycling
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A few from Peru – The joys of Alstroemeria

More and more people are discovering that Alstroemeria (commonly called Peruvian Lilies) are unusual, colourful and easy to grow additions to the garden.

There are now many attractive modern varieties available that will flower throughout the summer and return year after year given some basic care. They are best planted in a well-drained sheltered spot in sun or part shade and benefit from the addition of good organic compost when planting. During winter it is also advisable to cut the plant to the ground and protect the crown with a layer of mulch
5-10cm deep.

Dwarf Alstroemeria can easily be grown in pots and containers and make superb patio plants that will return each summer. Simply tuck the pot into a greenhouse or other sheltered spot for the winter.

Alstroemeria Inca Series
Compact, long flowering plants perfect for pots or the front of borders.

    ‘Inca Vito’, ‘Inca Goal, and ‘Inca Husky’

Here is a selection from our large range that we hope will tempt you to discover the joys of Alstroemeria!

Alstroemeria Summer Series
The perfect choice for borders, these taller growing plants will add vibrancy to the garden through the summer months.

   ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘Summer Break’, ‘Summer Snow’

Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer’
Beautiful variety growing to about 1m tall. Flowers from May until the first frosts and has attractive dark foliage.

 ‘Indian Summer’

Alstroemeria Inticancha Series
Dwarf plants ideal for containers or borders. They come in a whole range of attractive colours.


Inticancha ‘White Pink Blush’, ‘Cabana’, ‘Maya’ and ‘Passion’