Sustainable Environment
Sustainable Environment
We support alternatives to single use plastics
Consumption & Conservation
Consumption & Conservation
We harvest rainwater from our on-site reservoirs
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Carbon Footprint
With 80% of bedding plants grown onsite
Composting & Recycling
Composting & Recycling
We recycle over 90% of our on-site waste

Grow With Us - How to Sow Seeds

Grow With Us – How to Sow Seeds

Part 1 – Join Ian (Production and Operations Director) for a guide on how to sow flower and vegetable seeds, plus some top tips:


Part 2 – Ian guides you through the next stage of seed sowing; how to prick out seedlings:


Recommended Products for Seed Sowing

Most importantly – seeds! We have an extensive range of Suttons and Thompson and Morgan fruit and vegetable seeds available to purchase online and in-store. Most seeds can be sown indoors in February and March, but don’t plant them outside until the risk of frost has passed.

Coolings Professional Potting Compost – As used on our production nursery and highly recommended by us!

Vermiculite – Made from volcanic rock, vermiculite helps to maintain moisture & nutrients and improves seed germination.

Plant Labels – keep track of your seed sowing with reusable plant labels, don’t forget your pencil or pen!

Depending on what seeds you’re growing and how many of each:

Fibre Pots and Strips – These pots can be planted straight into the ground once the roots appear through the side of the pot, preventing root disturbance.

Seed Trays – made from recycled and recyclable materials and available in many sizes.

• Optional items: Small garden plant support sticks – see our how-to video above for Ian’s top tip on picking up individual seeds with these! Watering can and a fine rose – to ensure you don’t wash your seeds too heavily. Plug trays – to sow seeds in to save pricking out later.

If you have a grow, let us know!

We would love to see photos and videos of your gardening projects. See the links to our social media accounts below and tag us in your posts using #coolingsgc

Happy gardening!