Offer Voucher Terms and Conditions

Listed below are the Terms and Conditions for any offer voucher published on behalf of Coolings Nurseries Ltd. This encompasses but is not restricted to the company magazine ‘Cuttings’, e-newsletter ‘Cuttings’, Coolings Nurseries Ltd. Facebook and Twitter pages and additional local, national and charity publications. If you require any additional information or have any comments please email

For all our terms and conditions 'voucher' refers to printed vouchers, online vouchers or voucher codes. 

1. Please present this voucher at the Till Point.

2. No cash surrender value.

3. All offers subject to availability. An alternative may be offered.

4. Offer only valid with this voucher.

5. One voucher per household.

6. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with a Coolings Trade Card or additional voucher offer.

7. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any existing promotion.

8. Voucher limited to one use only.

9. Voucher limited to offer stated only.

10. Only one of these vouchers may be used in a single transaction.

11. Offer may be valid during restricted hours.

12. This voucher is the property of Coolings Nurseries Ltd and is not for re-sale, publication or reproduction.

13. We cannot accept responsibility for lost vouchers.

14. The trademarks of Coolings Nurseries Ltd or any of its trading companies are only allowed with the written permission of Coolings Nurseries Ltd.

15. Coolings Nurseries Ltd reserves the right to decline any voucher in breach of the above Terms & Conditions.

16. Coolings Nurseries Ltd reserves the right to amend voucher terms and conditions without notice.

17. Coolings Family offers or vouchers will require a valid Coolings Family card to be presented at the start of your transaction.

18. Coolings Nurseries Ltd may refuse to refund the difference between promotional products and retail list price should your Coolings Family or voucher not be presented during your transaction