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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

Unexpected news about Brian the Goat

Those familiar with the story of Brian the Goat will be aware that he was in search of a companion to spend his time with on our Nature Trail at Coolings Green & Pleasant. It is with sadness that we …

Coolings Celebratory Plaques in Arthurs Garden

Remembering a special person, anniversary or happy event.  Celebrating a brilliant day, a lovely thought, romantic valentine or meaningful poem …our plaques are a very special way to say something to the people you love or to hold a happy …

Bulbalicious - by Nicky Peto

Having been lucky enough to again visit the world famous Keukenhof Gardens in Holland this spring, I came back brimming with enthusiasm for all the beautiful bulbs.  The colour and planting combinations made me hungry to try lots of new …