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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

New Products This Spring

Neudorff Super Cat Repellent 500g - £5.49Are cats a problem for you? Keep them away for longer (3-4 weeks) with this natural substance based cat repellentWagner pot movers - from £7.49Make your life a little easier with our new range …

Alpine Attraction

From Alyssum and Aubretia to Zauschneria, we stock a fantastic range of alpines from early spring through to late autumn. Carefully planned planting can ensure that you have a colourful rock garden all year round.  (Zauschneria)Miniature spring flowering bulbs such …

Freshly Minted!

At Coolings we offer a superb range of fresh herbs. Why scrabble around in the back of the cupboard for those dismal jars of grey and dusty dried herbs when growing your own is so easy and rewarding? Mint is …