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Bounceback Butterfly Border
Tips on Planting Baskets with Beautiful Bedding

Best of British Pots

As a long established family company, Coolings is keen to support British manufacturers wherever possible. As we are all starting to fill our pots with beautiful bedding plants we thought we'd share some of our stoneware products with you, all …

Climbing the Walls

Climbing and rambling roses make an elegant, beautiful covering for nearly any horizontal or vertical structure. They are an excellent way to bring height, colour, fragrance and abundance to the garden.Climbing and rambling…what’s the difference?Generally speaking, ramblers are much more …

Genius Geums

If you think everything that is worthwhile requires oodles of hard work, it’s time to get to know Geums – the easy going perennial with all the frills and an abundance of charm. They produce neat, compact foliage and present gardeners …