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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

Thyme to get Herby - A Cooks Perspective

It's becoming increasingly popular to introduce more herbs, vegetables and edible flowers into menus these days.  As bakers here at Arthurs, we are often looking for and experimenting with new ways of bringing the outdoors and nature into our cakes, …

Colourful Ground Cover

Do you have a sunny area that you wish you could fill with labour saving/ground covering and attractive plants?  I think I have the solution for you in the way of alpines.  They only require a well-drained soil and the …

Midfield Primary Provides 'Food For Thought' With New Edible Eco Garden

We've been busy bees recently helping Midfield Primary with their Edible Eco Garden project. The forward thinking school want their students to not only understand the benefits of growing vegetables and fruit, but to be actively engaged in the growing process.  The ambitious …