Hurrah for Hydrangeas

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Ideal in both sun and shade, hydrangeas are beautiful and versatile garden additions. This summer, Coolings will be celebrating these wonderful plants in all their forms at our Hydrangea Festival commencing on the 3rd of June 2019 and will run for several weeks to give all our customers an opportunity to see our huge selection of hydrangeas on show in the plant area.

Lacecap and mophead hydrangeas are perfect for pots or planted in the garden. Remember acid soil (ericaceous) for blue and alkaline or neutral soil for pink. If your soil type limits your colour choice you can always use a colourant like Vitax Hydrangea Colourant 500g, £5.25 which will turn naturally pale pink varieties to blue and the darker pink varieties to mauve/blue. Our Royalty Collection is always very popular.

Vitax Hydrangea Colourant 500g, £5.25

Paniculata and arborescens hydrangeas make stunning garden additions. Flowering on this season’s growth they can be hard pruned in early spring. Cone shaped flowers for paniculatas and ball shaped flowers for arborescens varieties.

Hydrangeas aspera ‘Villosa Group’ and quercifolia hydrangeas are grown for their attractive foliage and flower. They make an elegant statement towards the back of a shady border, particularly when planted with other hydrangeas.

Climbing hydrangeas such as Hydrangea ‘Silver Lining’ are the ideal solution for covering a shady wall or fence.

New for 2019! Stem flowering hydrangeas
The Chelsea Flower Show plant of the year 2018, Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’, is an absolute must have.
This NEW variety will flower all the way along the branches with dainty white blooms. Perfect for pots or in the garden, it also has beautiful golden autumn foliage. Easy to grow and a breeze to
maintain. Pretty as a picture, this superb pedigree hydrangea will be your match made in heaven and is sure to be a huge hit at Coolings.

Vitax Hydrangea feed 1kg, £5.99 Give your hydrangeas a boost with some feed to improve their health, quality and vitality.

Be sure to visit our Hydrangea Fest June 3rd - 15th July 2019.

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