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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

Mossy March - Declare War on Moss

It has been a very wet year, and a lot of us have had problems with moss on the lawn.  Rather than just killing the moss, we need to start with eliminating the cause of the problem.A good way to …

Renaissance is in the air

Tillandsias (air plants) are enjoying a renaissance, having been very popular in the 1970s.  As with all things, if you wait long enough they will come back into fashion!!Tillandsias originate from Central South America and Mexico.  In their native habitat, …

It does what is says on the tin

The biggest problem faced by gardeners who want to paint many different surfaces in the garden, is the number of different paints they have to buy. Enter Ronseal into the fray.  They have released a paint that can be used on …