On Trial: Lawn Feed

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It was always going to be a challenge but last summer’s heatwave certainly didn’t make testing lawn feeds an easy job! Normally, the lawn is the centrepiece to most summer gardens and feeding it regularly makes all the difference to its appearance, but last year the scorching heat and constant threat of a hosepipe ban seemed to get the better of most of our luscious lawns. Nevertheless, 12 of our willing customers tested three of our most popular lawn feeds for us and despite the weather making the real effects of the products difficult to assess, here’s what they found…

(N.B. Testers were asked to begin the trial from the 1st May 2018. The star ratings given are based on 5 stars being Excellent – 1 star being Poor).

We asked our testers to apply the feed using a Scotts EverGreen Drop Spreader and to apply the feed as per the bag instructions. The majority of our testers had not used a spreader before and all our testers found the spreader very easy to use, with only one tester having trouble with its assembly. All testers agreed that the spreader helped ensure a balanced distribution of the feed resulting in an even spread – preferable to the result when applied by hand. Those applying the Hygeia and Scotts products all said that they found the twice-yearly application much more appealing than products (such as Westland SafeLawn) that were necessary to apply every 3-4 weeks.
However, applying Westland’s every 3-4 weeks was not raised as an issue by any of its testers. Average star rating for Scotts EverGreen Drop Spreader assembly and use: 5.


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