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Spring is often a key time of year to give a home a fresh look - the human nesting instinct in decorative form. Back in January, our Houseplant and Gift Buyer, Nicky Peto, flew out to Holland to handpick new season merchandise from the Dutch home interiors range (PTMD) that is now in stock here at Coolings. A beautiful

collection of pots, glassware, candles, artificial glassware and other accessories that will bring plenty of inspiration to enhance the decoration of your home.

Art Deco design in golden shades and metal tones are also very much a big trend for the season. Most of the PTMD products are handmade giving a truly unique and individual look as no two are the same. In some cases there may be only fifty of an item in the world. So, we have to be quick to select the best and bring it to Coolings. Indoor plants grouped together in some of the lovely pots and containers look good and make a personal statement. They are also beneficial to our wellbeing as many absorb the chemical elements found in our furnishings and cleaning products we use daily – they clean the air making for a much more healthy environment – every home should have a few houseplants for their beneficial properties.

Cacti and Succulents are the on-trend house plants of the moment. Their popularity is owed to the fact they are easy to care for and not taking up too much room. They come in so many interesting shapes and forms which makes them a popular choice. Plant a few in a decorative pot or in a glass terrarium. Pots and terrariums planted up look really great grouped together.

We've also added some beautiful pieces and soft furnishings from other carefully selected product ranges which have been exclusively found by us for you.  To show them all off we have displayed all the items in our NEW Inspirational Interiors selection that can be found as you walk out of the shop and down the ramp, turn left and head to the brick building on the left next to Hairy Hounds.  All the items on show are available to purchase.  Open Now!

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