Coolings Irrigation Systems - are you hooked up yet?

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Be Water Wise With Coolings Irrigation Systems Get ready for the Summer!


Did you know that here at Coolings we install irrigation systems? Our on-site expert, Ian Hazon and his team, will make a full site inspection, produce an estimate unique to your needs and install the system for you. Better still, the systems we fit are easy to use, require little maintenance and are very water efficient.

Having an irrigation system will not only save you hours of watering every day, it will even do the work for you while you are on holiday. Thames Water states that drip systems are exempt from hose pipe bans. We install the same equipment on our nursery here at Coolings and it continues to give us many years of trouble free service.

For more information or to book an initial site inspection please contact Ian Hazon on 01959 532269. or visit him in-store.

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