The Room-by-Room Guide to Houseplants

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Discover the best plant for each area of your home.

It is well known that plants in our living space have great health benefits to us, but they can do more for us than just improve mood and productivity. They can actually improve the air quality in our homes in a number of ways too. Let’s take a look at which plants work best in each room of your house.

Living Room
Sansevieria (Mother in Law’s Tongue) must be one of the easiest houseplants to grow being tough and near indestructable, yet it is still stylish, simple and loved by interior designers.  Strong, sword-like leaves create the perfect plant for a modern home.

Miltonia Orchids are exotic looking Orchids often referred to as the Pansy Orchid. They will fill your living area with a lovely fragrance and enjoy intermediate to warm conditions in bright (but not direct) sunlight. If you’ve got the room, Monstera deliciosa would make a stunning addition to your living space. This easy-to-grow houseplant can get huge and live for many years, and it looks great with many different interior styles.

Ficus benjamina ‘Kinky’ is a beautiful houseplant boasting fresh pale green and white leaves. This particular variety of Ficus is smaller than most and is delicately attractive. It’s also very good at physically filtering toxins from the air, aiding a good night’s sleep. Keeping an Aloe Vera plant in your bedroom is smart because, unlike most plants, aloe releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night. The gel inside the spiky leaves also makes an excellent moisturiser or a good addition to homemade beauty products. Additionally, it doesn’t require much care.

 Ficus 'Kinky'

The vibrant, long-lasting flowers of Kalanchoes will brighten up your kitchen. They love bright, natural light and as they are succulents with fleshy leaves and stems you don’t want to keep them constantly wet. They need good drainage so water yours well, let it all drain out and then water again when dry.


Scindapsus is at home anywhere. Hanging or climbing, this houseplant with its distinctive leaves not only makes your home more beautiful, but also starts purifying the air indoors straightaway. It’s no surprise that we consider Scindapsus to be a domestic wonder!
Cacti/Succulents and Dendrobium Orchids also make great kitchen plants.


The Nephrolepis (curly fern) is a strong, air-purifying plant that requires very little care. A great choice for the bathroom as it thrives on high air humidity but doesn’t like draughts. They should be offered a bright spot, without being exposed to direct sunlight.
Chlorophytum comosum are tough little Spider plants which are not only easy to take care of, they’re actually hard to kill! They happen to be one of the best plants for the bathroom, since Spiders are one of the few plants that don’t need much light!

  Spider Plant


What about Bonsai?
Most of the people who are new to bonsai think they are “indoor plants”. This is because in this country it would not survive our change in seasons. In subtropical and tropical environments bonsai are just regular trees. Before you decide to buy one, pop into KOI Water Barn (based here at Coolings) about the best species for your environment.


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