Blowing Hot and Cold

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Seasonal planting to capture a theme.

Colour theming is a great way to give your garden a certain feel or effect. Seasonal plants allow a fresh pallet every year and give the opportunity to experiment. Warm colours complement each other and give vibrancy to an area. Cool colours are calm and relaxing, providing space to unwind. Here we give our pick of seasonal plants that will work together to evoke feelings and effects.

Cool, Mellow Vibes

Blues, silver, white and even soft pink, play off each other to create a cool and calming effect.  The perfect backdrop to a relaxing summer’s evening.

Amazing semi-trailer with sky blue flowers. Great for pots and baskets.

The number one choice as a flowery filler plant for pots and baskets. Try combining both blue and white Bacopa in a planter.

Check these out! Blue star flowers all summer long.

 Laurentia 'Blue Star'

A cascade of beautiful, silver heart-shaped foliage that thrive in drier conditions.

 Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

Look out for blues, whites and soft pinks. Both trailing and upright varieties available.

 Fuchsia 'Annabel'

White Marguerites are fantastic in pots and flower for months.

Tropical Heat

Summer is just around the corner so why not choose plants that enhance the warm, balmy days. Reds, oranges and yellows work well when grown together.

Top choice for a tropical look. Stunning foliage and vibrant flowers are a winning combination, with their height adding to the drama. Keep the plant frost free during winter and it will come back better each year. 

   Canna Orange and Dark Leaf Red

Sizzling reds pack a punch, great in flower beds and borders.

Happy yellow daises that flower all summer long.

Sun lovers from South Africa in shades of yellow and orange.

 Gazania 'Tiger Stripes'

Zonal Geranium
Love it hot and dry. Red, scarlet and orange are popular choices.


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