Coolings In Bloom 2019

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What is In Bloom? 

Imagine for a moment the places we live devoid of plants and trees? It's a terrible image isn't it!  As a society we see, but don't notice, the enormous contribution made by plants to our quality of life.  The colours, the scents, textures, habitats, the creation of the Oxygen we need to survive are all aspects most of us overlook routinely yet they play such a vital role in our life.

In an effort to direct focus onto the value of plants and their impact on our community the RHS runs 'Britain in Bloom'.  Although this is a national competition it's organised into regions for ease and local relevance, so the South East is a region, as is London.  Essentially, it is a community gardening competition designed to help transform areas ranging from small villages to large towns, into better places to live and work.

At a more local level Coolings sponsor and even run a number of competitions where people can enter a number of categories from a planted pot through front and back gardens to community projects, including schools, churchyards, shared accommodation gardens etc.
Sometimes, these competitions are designed to assist a formal entry into the RHS competition.

It's a fact that people are happier and boast fewer instances of antisocial behaviour in areas with lots of plant life so we aim to support groups and communities through In Bloom, to improve their environments, hopefully, with a view to increasing the number of entries into the RHS competition.  After all wouldn't it feel better to live in a place that has an award for being beautiful?

Coolings is supporting local In Bloom competitions within Greenwich, Bromley, Edenbridge, Sevenoaks District, Sevenoaks Town, Swanley, Tonbridge & Malling and Royal Tunbridge Wells.  In each case we have partnered with the Local Authorities or other organisations to administer, judge and provide rewards for the competitions.

Some villages and towns such as Sevenoaks Town and Royal Tunbridge Wells will then apply to enter the wider competition of South East In Bloom.  This is part of the overall RHS Britain in Bloom competition, giving the opportunity to compete against other entries in the region, with the best regional winners potentially being invited to compete at national level!.

Want to take part?
Entry to your local competition is completely FREE and on receipt of your entry we'll even send you a £5 voucher to spend at Coolings to help you get started!

You don't need to be an experienced gardener and the feedback from judges is only ever constructive.  There are lots of categories to choose from so you might have a particular hanging basket or container that you are particularly proud of, or maybe you want to enter your whole front garden! 

Anyone can garden and this is just a little fun so have a go, you might just win something!

Please click the link below to download the entry form for your area:

Juding of entries will take place during the first two weeks in July, followed by an awards ceremony for prize winners on Saturday 27th July here at Coolings The Gardener's Garden Centre.
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