Perfect Partners - Top Ten Herbs for Popular Dishes

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Growing Herbs is easy and rewarding.  Flourishing in tubs and containers they complement modern living and a healthy lifestyle, making beautifully tactile scented displays.  Homegrown cannot be bettered for freshness and taste, plus has the advantage that you can pick and use just what you need.  Here we look at a few popular herbs that are the perfect partner to everyday dishes.

Rosemary – Perfect accompaniment to roast lamb. Loves a sunny spot.

Bay – Add to stews or casseroles and essential for bouquet garni. Grow as a bush or as an attractive topiary feature.

Thyme – Popular ingredient in Italian cuisine, try adding leaves to Bolognese sauce!

Sage – Great with pork dishes or a vital ingredient if you fancy making stuffing!

Chives – Bring your salads to life by adding chopped Chive leaves.

Parsley – Versatile herb great for making parsley sauce and garnishes.

Marjoram – With a sweeter flavour than oregano, Marjoram will enliven a tomato sauce.  Try using in home-made pizza topping.

Mint – Possibly the easiest of all herbs to grow, there is no excuse to ever buy fresh mint in season.  Best grown in its own pot as it can spread.   Perfect partner to new potatoes!

Coriander -  Great with Thai and many Indian dishes or added to soups and salads.

French Tarragon -  Perfect partner to fish and chicken dishes. Will transform a simple Omelette.  Add towards the end as the flavor reduces with cooking and use sparingly.


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