NEW Lifestyle Courses for 2018

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We are delighted to bring our customers a variety of affordable lifestyle courses which offer opportunities for you to try out a new hobby or skill, improve existing ones or simply to meet like-minded people and have fun.  Some might even provide a springboard for a new business opportunity.

Do you fancy delving into your family history and building your family tree, are you creative or artistic, or do your peers comment on your flair with words?  Whatever your talent or interest, from flower photography to writing your own novel, we'll have a short course that suits you.

Choose from:

Botanical Painting
(Offered as either a one day or a four week course)
The one-day course is an introduction to painting plants using watercolour. You will gain an understanding of how to choose your subject matter, how to draw and paint to scale.  The four week course is aimed at those with previous experience. We will be painting fresh seasonal plants and you will have the opportunity to improve your observational skills, learn how to use washes, underpaint, masking fluid and achieve depth, texture and more.

Silk Painting
(Offered as either a one day or a four week course)
Aimed at beginners, these courses will equip you with the basic knowledge of common silk painting techniques. You will find out how to use the paint, gutta/outliner and salt!

Christmas Card Making with Silk Painting Techniques
(One day course)
Get creative and come along to our new course where you can create your own personal and original Christmas cards. This one-day workshop will equip you with basic knowledge about common silk painting techniques.  No experience necessary.

Impressionistic Painting with Acrylics 
(Six week courses)
Course 1 will cover impressionistic painting techniques alongside the basics of observation and composition, colour theory, and lessons in perspective, all in the context of gardening.  Course 2 will widen your horizon to include other media other than just acrylics.  Beginners welcome for each course: no prior experience is necessary.

Creative Flower Photography
(Three week course)
You will cover inspiration, composition (subject, background, foreground) and lighting, garden flower/flat-lay and vignette photography.


Flower Pressing
(Two week course)
Learn the Victorian art of pressing flowers with a contemporary twist using pressed flowers to create your own unique floral phone and tablet covers.

Weather Forecasting without Technology
(Series of 3 lectures)

Lectures are given by nationally renowned weather forecaster, David King. David uses the traditional methods employed by our forebears and claims a very high degree of accuracy using these methods.  In a series of talks David reveals his methods to give an insight as to how you too can practice these arts.

Writing Your Own Novel
(Eight Week course)
As the old saying goes, ‘Everyone has at least one novel in them.’ So, have you? Find out by signing up for this 8-week course given by local author, Mike Uden.

Building Your Family Tree
(Five Week course)
This course will cover all aspects of starting out on your family history and what you need to know to build a good research technique, to ensure you are following the right line, and to get the most out of the available sources.  For beginners.

Reading Historic Landscapes
(Eight week course)
Find out how our ancestors used the land, established woodlands, coppices, wood pastures, field systems, water meadows, windmills etc. all from the traces left behind in the modern landscape.

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Happy Learning!

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