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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

Ferntastic Evergreen Ferns

Ferntastic Evergreen Ferns Architectural, versatile, colourful, dainty are just a few words to sum up this popular group of plants.  They are surprisimgly useful in many a situation, from walls and steep banks to shady woodland stumpery environments or even pots, …

Sonic Repellents

Sonic Repellents These days many people are finding that cats and foxes are becoming a real nuisance in their garden and are seeking ways to deter them. Most people do not want to harm them, just not have them in their garden.  …

Delight your feathered friends

There are many mixes of bird food.  With bird seed, the cheaper mixes tend to have a high proportion of cereals, which are favoured by pigeons and sparrows.  Today I am going to explain the importance of three of the …