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Colourful Autumn Flowering Camellia Sasanqua

Most people associate Camellias with the spring, but did you know there are also beautiful autumn flowering varieties?Camellia Sasanqua is an evergreen shrub that will bring a wonderful display of colour to your garden through autumn and winter months.An evergreen …

The History of the Tulip

The humble tulip has always been a favourite spring bulb and was first cultivated by the Turks as early as 1,000 AD.The flower was introduced into Europe in the 17th century by Carolus Clusius, who was a botanist from Vienna. …

Grow Your Own Bird Feed

With many species of communal garden birds in sharp decline it is now more important than ever to provide a food source during the harsher, leaner winter months.  It is always advisable to plant many different plants in order to …