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Colour Theming this Autumn

Using seasonal bedding plants is a great way to decorate your garden this Autumn. Eye-catching displays can be created using simple combinations that will add colour and vibrancy to your outdoor living space.  Colour theming is a simple and effective …

Plant Tips for September to November

Plant TipsSeptemberDivide overgrown perennials from this month onwardsAny late flowering perennials should be staked to prevent damageSeptember is an ideal month to sow or turf new lawnsSpring bedding can be planted now to establish before winter Plant out spring onion setsThe …

Hydrangea Mania!

If you haven’t yet grown a hydrangea in your garden, it is time to give this big blooming plant a try.Hydrangeas offer big beautiful leaves and large clusters of long lasting, spectacular flowers in white, pink, red and blue from …