Autumn Tidy Up

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As the long summer days draw to a close and it feels like your garden is slowing down, there are still plenty of useful tasks to do so you can carry on enjoying your garden for the remainder of this year and to prepare for the next.

To help keep your lawn in tip-top shape, make sure you rake up leaves regularly and 'save your back' whilst collecting them using some long-handled leaf grabs.  This will help to prevent waterlogging of your lawn, a common cause of moss, and stop your grass from going yellow due to lack of light.  If the weather is mild, you can continue to mow your lawn right up until November.  Using EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care or Scotts Autumn Lawn Builder from September to mid-November will help to stimulate root growth and toughen up your grass to see it through the winter.

Sweeping your patio or paths for fallen leaves will help to prevent slip hazards, as well as eliminating a perfect home for slugs and snails. You should continue to use your preferred anti-slug strategy for your borders, such as Neudorff Sluggo, to prevent them breeding over the winter ready to attack your spring seedlings. 

Choosing an outdoor storage solution for your garden will not only help to neaten it up but also to protect your treasured garden possessions from the British weather.  It's a good idea to think about the positioning and size of the storage before purchase, ideally located on a path to prevent muddy feet walking back into the house and not so large that it dominates an area of your garden.  You can hide those unsightly wheelie bins in our small garden shed, which is available in mocha/chocolate to stylishly compliment your garden.An ideal solution for your tools and gardening accessories would be our heavy duty tall cabinet with four shelves and a vertical partition.

Although not everyone's idea of fun, having a good clean of your patio and paths now will make light work of it for spring next year.  To make the job even easier use Hozelock's 'small & mighty' Pico Pressure Washer which is available with a patio cleaner.  It will not only help to get rid of the dirt and grime but also the moss or weeds growing in between your paving slabs. 

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