Fruit for Small Spaces

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Autumn is the perfect time to plant fruit trees and bushes.  Where space is limited, there are plenty of options for growing tasty crops of fresh, pick-your-own fruit, straight from your garden or outside space.

Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'
Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty' is the world's first compact Raspberry and grows to only 1 metre tall, making it perfect for growing in pots.  An added benefit is that it is thornless, making this variety an ideal plant for children to grow.

 Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'

Apricot 'Compacta'
An exciting new introduction for 2017 is Apricot 'Compacta'.  This is a naturally short self-fertile variety that produces lots of tasty orange fruit.  Ideal when grown in a sheltered sunny spot.  Available from September.

 Apricot 'Compacta'

Pear 'Obelisk' is a sensational self-fertile upright growing dwarf variety ideal where space is limited.  The fruit ripen in October and store well in winter.

 Pear 'Obelisk'

Blueberries are a really good choice for growing in pots.  We stock many delicious varieties which are easy to grow when planted in ericaceous (acid) compost.  This season we will be offering a very exciting new variety called 'Lucky Berry', which has attractive white bell flowers producing berries for 4 months from July until October!  Blueberries are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and can be easily home grown rather than flown from the other side of the world!

 Blueberry 'Lucky Berry'

We are excited to be able to offer this year a lovely range of quality dwarf patio standard fruit trees that are ideal for growing in pots.  Varieties available include Patio Apple 'Croquella', Patio Pear 'Luisa', Patio Cherries 'Stella' Compact and 'Piemont', and Patio Plums 'Mirabelle' and 'Hanna'.  For those with a conservatory or cold greenhouse for over-wintering, we will also be offering Patio Peach 'Bonanza' and Nectarine 'Nectarella'.

    Cherries 'Stella' Compact and Nectarine 'Nectarella'

With all this choice from Coolings there really is no excuse not to have a fruitful autumn!

For tips on picking fruit and on how to store them over the winter click here.

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