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Tips, Tools and Suggestions for Planting Spring Bulbs
Comeback Grasses
Spoooookyrumpus Plants!

Trendy Herbaceous

Herbaceous perennial plants (non-woody plants that come back year after year) continue to increase in popularity due to their versatility and great value.  At Coolings we grow and sell a vast range, and also buy from specialist British nurseries to …

Potted Pleasure

One of the easiest ways to quickly transform an outside space is to inject some colour and structure with planted containers.  Instant impact patio plants will give an immediate wow. 5 Top tips...1.  Big is BeautifulIf you want the look and …

Mossy March - Declare War on Moss

It has been a very wet year, and a lot of us have had problems with moss on the lawn.  Rather than just killing the moss, we need to start with eliminating the cause of the problem.A good way to …