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Looking to broaden your horizons? Whether you are a novice gardener who would like to embark on some evening classes or a short course for fun, or you are a dedicated amateur gardener who wishes to extend your knowledge and achieve a nationally recognised qualification, we have something for you. We'll nurture your talent and help you achieve your ambitions.


Leisure Learning:
No exams, no pressure, learn at your leisure! We have a number of courses that are designed for those of you that would like to learn without a taxing level of science and complexity, and an assessment at the end.

  • How to be a Successful Gardener (1 Year) – the perfect course for people who have an interest in gardening and would like to know more. No prior knowledge or experience is required. It is quite a practical, hands-on course that focuses on the principal areas of contemporary gardening (The Basics of how to Garden, Wildlife and Environmentally Friendly Gardening, Growing your own vegetables). The course is divided into 3 modules. Each module is 3 hours per week for 10 weeks. The whole course lasts 30 weeks.
  • An Introduction to Garden Design (8 weeks) – open to anyone who has a genuine interest in garden design. Some knowledge of garden plants would be useful. 
  • Botanical Advenures: The Spice of Life (1 Year Course) - enjoy learning in a relaxed and informative atmosphere in the company of enthusiastic fellow gardeners. The course includes 10 planned full day visits to a range of gardens and nurseries in the South East to compliment the class room themes studied.
  • Coolings Diploma in Garden Design (2 Years) - this course takes a 'hands on' approach to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become garden designers

Looking for a Career Change?

If you are a very keen gardener that would like to develop your learning beyond the basics or maybe you are simply looking to embark on a career in horticulture and perhaps acheive a nationally recognised qualification - one of the following courses may suit you better:

  • RHS (Level 2) Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture (2 Years)
  • Coolings Diploma in Garden Design (2 Years)
  • RHS (Level 2) Certificate in Practical Horticulture (1 Year)

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