After the rain comes the sunshine...

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The rain will stop sooner or later and then it's time to get the hose out again.

Hopefully it doesn't need replacing, but if it does then you can count on us! We stock products from both Hozelock and Flopro. Hozelock is the oldest and, in all fairness, the most well known brand. Flopro is 'the new kid on the block', launched a few years ago.

When it comes to hoses, we have several different types and lengths. Here are three:

Hozelock Ultraflex hose (30m) is anti-kink, twist resistant and knot resistant at £32.69.

Flopro Elite hose (30m) with 6 layers for durability, algae resistance, anti-kink and anti twist, scratch/cut resistant and crush proof at £49.99.

Everflow - The Unstoppable hose (25m) is UK made, kink proof, knot proof and uncrushable at £29.99.

These can all withstand temperatures of -20 to +60 degrees celsius. Hoses are available in lengths of 15m all the way up to 100m.

You might also want to add a new sprayer. We stock a wide variety, so we are sure we can find one that suits your needs.

At the top of the range we have the Hozelock Multi Spray Pro Gun at £24.99, made of metal with lockable flow trigger control and 7 spray patterns. At the middle of the range we suggest the Flopro+ Hydra Spray Gun with one handed, fully adjustable flow control and 4 spray patterns at £21.99. The simplest sprayer is the Hozelock Nozzle Sprayer with 2 spray patterns, including a waterstop connector, costing only £7.69.


Hozelock Multi Spray Pro Gun and Flopro+ Hydra Spray Gun


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