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It's finally spring again, hurray!

Springtime is the optimum time to prepare the lawn for the coming months. If you take good care of your lawn it will not only look good, it will become an extended living space (and feel lovely to walk on barefoot).

It can be backbreaking work but if using one of the products from Viano, your back might thank you for it. We stock three of their lawn care products.

Firstly Mo Bacter, an organic lawn fertiliser that feeds the lawn for 120 days and destroys moss without turning it black. It includes a little friendly bacteria that eats the moss. No moss to rake off as it's all eaten! Mo Bacter can be applied from March to October.

Viano Mo Bacter and Viano Bio Lime.

If the lawn looks terribly stressed due to drought, being too wet, dogs and/or children running riot or over scarifying, then Recovery would be a better option. It helps the roots grow healthy and strong and that is the key to a good looking lawn. Recovery will feed the lawn for 100 days and can be applied from March to October.

Also suitable for turf laying, it can be raked into the soil 4 to 10 days before laying or applied 8 weeks after laying.

The third product is called Bio Lime. Bio Lime will keep the lawn 'sweet' as it can become too acidic over time due to acid rain and long term fertiliser use. Bio Lime helps raise the pH levels, counter acting the acidity and creating a healthy growing environment. Best results are achieved if used in the autumn, but it can be applied from March to November.

If you are familiar with traditional lawn care products don't worry, we stock them as well with EverGreen Complete 4in1 400m² at £19.99

Did you know?

We've added yet another fantastic benefit to your Coolings Family members - Purchase any suitable lawn care product & borrow a lawn spreader for FREE!

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