Wonderwall Vertical Planter – Available NOW at Coolings

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Back beat, the word is on the street that the Wonderwall vertical planting system is out at Coolings NOW!

You are now able to create your own living masterpiece with these stackable, interlocking, eco-friendly, self-watering and easy to use vertical planters.  Whether you are looking to create a real statement wall or just add some colour and interest to a dull corner, these flexible and sustainable planters will transform your space, inside or out and bring wildlife into your garden.

Perfect for fences, arches, walls, window boxes and balconies and will hold anything from fruit, veg and herbs to shrubs, bedding, grasses, perennials and houseplants.

Easy to build, Easy to maintain and DO NOT need a bespoke irrigation system, in fact, once you've watered the top row the water will flow down the pots interlocking system and self water right down to the bottom row. 

The planters hold 1 Litre sized pots and as we grow the majority of our own plants here at Coolings, we are able to offer you a vast and diverse range of 1 Litre sized plants to fill them with.  A range that few other garden retailers will be able to match.  Simply, pop the pot into the planter - there's no need to replant.

We are very excited to have this amazing product, which is NEW to the UK and on sale now at Coolings.  You will notice our very own display above your head as you walk through our front doors!

We are offering Wonderwall vertical planters for:

Single Unit (3 x 1L Pots) = £9.99  (£7.99 when buying 5 or more and £7.50 when buying 14 or more)

Take a look for yourself, just what these amazing planters are capable of….. https://youtu.be/Jj6QHsMVxXQ

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