Love is in the Air at Coolings!

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Celebrate St Valentine's with some of our most romantic and aptly named plants.  What better way to say how much you care?

Top of our list is NEW Malus 'Redlove'.  We are very excited to be able to offer this variety for the first time and unlike flowers this tough, hardy apple variety will last for years and years.  It will give you a late summer harvest of lovely, crisp apples with exquisite tasting red flesh - a good balance of sweet and tangy flavours.  A lasting gift of love - be one of the first to own one!

  Malus 'Redlove'

We also love:  Pieris japonica 'Passion' and 'Polar Passion' - these are both real showpiece shrubs for the garden.  Pieris plants are admired for their whorled foliage which is vivid red each spring as it unfurls.  Pieris 'Passion' carries cerise-pink flowers which appear in spring.  Plus, they are evergreen, easy to maintain and require minimal pruning!  'Polar Passion' is the first variegated Pieris variety to carry the masses of lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in deep red-purple which look beautiful against its variegated creamy white foliage.  Perfect for a mixed border among dwarf conifers, combined with other shrubs and evergreen, or it will simply also look great in a large pot on a patio.

 Pieris 'Passion'

 Pieris 'Polar Passion'

Leucothoe 'Burning Love' - Our hearts are on fire every time we see Leucothoe 'Burning Love'! This bushy, evergreen variety can be enjoyed all year round in your garden.  Glossy, elongated, crimson leaves in spring turn to a dazzling shade of scarlet in autumn. 'Burning Love' is very winter hardy, low maintenance and disease-tolerant.  Pruning is not necessary.  It performs best in acidic soil in full sun to partial shade.  Perfect for gardens and terraces, mass planting, in borders, as compact hedge or for mixed planting.

 Leucothoe 'Burning Love'


Be sure to show your affection with Clematis 'Lasting Love'.  It may be a little bare at the moment but from May through to September you can expect a show of beautiful pink flowers with a soft stripe running down the middle of each sepal as shown below.

 Clematis 'Lasting Love'

Rosa 'Eyes For You' - A fragrant Floribunda with unique cream flowers with a purple eye.  Great for that special someone that prefers something a bit different!  Don't forget our homegrown roses are 2 for £20 with your Family Card until the end of February!

 Rosa 'Eyes for You'

Other roses you may enjoy include 'Lots of Kisses', 'Love Knot' and 'Truly Loved' to name a few (all included in our homegrown roses 2 for £20 earlybird Family Card offer which ends 28th February).

Narcissus 'Dear Love' - so named for the ruffled, split corona that appears almost like the outstretched wings of a butterfly. Huge, creamy white blooms are held upright and graced with the warm coral toned pink ruffles that glow a bright yellow at their base. Perfect to enjoy in containers like ours below or in drifts.

 Narcissus 'Dear Love'

For foodies, maybe they'd like to indulge in a romantic treat...

Go on, treat your special someone - they deserve it!




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