Summer Flowering Bulbs - Now In!

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There is nothing more wonderful or satisfying than a warm garden, full of colour. The secret is to plant a variety of bulbs which will last all summer, from Spring until late Summer. Bulbs are not just a spring thing; a wide selection of Summer flowering bulbs are now available in our Glasshouse next door to Arthurs. Summer-flowering bulbs take up very little space in the garden so you can squeeze a few into the fullest of borders.

For the best displays, a little forward planning is required. Begin to plant summer flowering bulbs, corns and tubers in borders and containers in Spring, just as the weather starts to warm up. As a rule of thumb, most bulbs should be planted at 3 times their depth, but there are a few exceptions.

Why not plant yourself a selection of Dahlias, Lilies, Gladioli and Begonias for pots and hanging baskets. There are plenty of summer bulbs to choose from, but if you need some inspiration here are a few of our favourites …

Our Dahlia Hotpicks include:


Dahlia 'Golden Torch'                                                         Dahlia 'Saint Saens'


Dahlia 'Yellow Jill'                                                              Dahlia 'Wine Eyed Jill'


Dahlia 'Fuzzy Wuzzy'                                                         Dahlia 'Downham Royal'


Dahlia 'Blue Bell'                                                                Dahlia 'Creme De Cassis'


Pom Pom Dahlia Mixture                                                  Dahlia 'X Factor'

Plus, if you are in need of some inspiration on what would look together, try our 'lovely Combinations' packs containing a variety of different tubers that complement each other perfectly.


Glamorous Gladioli...

Modern hybrids have brought these flamboyant summer bulbs bang up to date. These majestic flowers look fabulous at the back of a border - even better in a vase indoors!

For stunning colour take your pick from:


Gladioli 'Africa'                                                                      Gladiolus 'Nova Lux'


Gladioli 'Michelle'                                                               Gladioli 'Orlando'


Gladioli 'Nymph'                                                                 Gladioli 'San Siro'

Beautiful Begonias...

Tuberous begonias are the most glamorous bulbs for adding a bright colour accent to shady patios. They produce beautiful flowers over an incredibly long period. These are perfect candidates for a window box or hanging basket.

Our favourites include:


Begonia 'Aromantics'                                                        Begonia 'Aztec Gold'


Begonia Odorata 'Pink Flamingo'                                    Begonia 'Splendide Ballerina'

Our Lovely Lily Collection includes:

Oriental Lilies:

Flamboyant blooms and a sensational fragrance make the oriental lily instantly recognisable, there’s one to suit every garden. The large exotic blooms are surprisingly easy to grow. These stars of the summer border are best grown in containers, waiting in the wings until their big moment. Move them to centre stage as their blooms begin to open.


Lily 'Zelmira' (make great cut flowers)                            and Lily 'Rio de Janeiro' (Ideal for Pots and Containers) are a few of our favourites.


No need to fuss over these fast growing corms - they will quickly multiply and wander through your borders all on their own. The upright, strap-like foliage, and arching stems tipped with starry flowers in red, orange or yellow, makes Crocosmia an exotic-looking addition to summer borders. The vibrant blooms also make lovely cut flowers for a fiery coloured flower arrangement.

Our favourites: Crocosmia 'Lucifer' and 'Masonorum'


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