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Tips, Tools and Suggestions for Planting Spring Bulbs
Comeback Grasses
Spoooookyrumpus Plants!

Sonic Repellents

Sonic Repellents These days many people are finding that cats and foxes are becoming a real nuisance in their garden and are seeking ways to deter them. Most people do not want to harm them, just not have them in their garden.  …

Delight your feathered friends

There are many mixes of bird food.  With bird seed, the cheaper mixes tend to have a high proportion of cereals, which are favoured by pigeons and sparrows.  Today I am going to explain the importance of three of the …

Top Gardening Tips This Summer

July and August are often the warmest months of the year but they can also be the wettest months of the summer (as we are all too aware!) – perfect conditions for plant and weed growth, but also for the …