Autumn Apples & Raspberries - A cook's perspective

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Delicious and crunchy, apples are one of the most popular and favourite fruits amongst the health conscious.  This wonderful fruit is packed with nutrients for optimum health.  Certain antioxidants in apples have several health promoting and disease preventing porperties.

Autumn is the optimum time to plant fruit trees such as apples, and a great time to establish them.  Structural pruning can also take place in winter.  Bramley apples are admired by chefs for their ability to cook to a pale cream puree, with strong acidity and flavour; its renowned ability to match the requirements of many different recipes is paramount to its long lasting success.

Here at Arthurs we use Bramley apples for a wide variety of homemade fruit crumbles, apple sauce to accompany our roast loin of pork on our Sunday roast, and in a selection of our homemade cakes.


Autumn Fruiting Raspberries

Raspberry canes are best planted in the autumn.  There are lots of different varieties available, which bear fruit at different times.  The majority are harvested between early and late summer, while others are grown for their autumn berries.

Raspberries ar high in vitamin C, are super high in fibre, low in calories and supply you with a good dose of folic acid.

'Autumn Bliss' is a stout raspberry with slightly thorny canes.  The fruit is large and red in colour with a good flavour in autumn.  Autumn bliss is the most popular raspberry variety here at Coolings.  Poly bags contained 5 canes will be available to buy from November.  One of our most popular crumbles is a raspberry and Bramley apple crumble.  We also use raspberries in our shortbread stacks, creme brulees and our gluten free raspberry and polenta cake.

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