Delight your feathered friends

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There are many mixes of bird food.  With bird seed, the cheaper mixes tend to have a high proportion of cereals, which are favoured by pigeons and sparrows.  Today I am going to explain the importance of three of the staples love by birds.

Black sunflower seeds are highly nutritious and it is easy for birds to remove the husks.  It is favoured by a lot of birds, particularly Greenfinches and Tits.  However, in the winter I would advise moving to sunflower hearts, as birds use a lot of energy to keep warm and need to feed more quickly to survive the cold and short daylight foraging time. 


Nyger seeds (sometimes spelt Nyjer) are thistle seeds, which are very rich in oil and ideal for birds with delicate beaks such as Goldfinches and Siskins.  This seed is very small and falls out of conventional feeders, so it is best to use a feeder specially designed for Nyger seeds.  We do one sold by Jacobi Jayne for £18.99. alternatively, you can mix it in with other seed.


Berries and fruit are a good source of moisture, energy and vitamins.  Plants often have red or black berries which attract the birds.  Being eaten by birds helps the plant distribute its seeds further afield.  Fallen apples are also appreciated by birds and other animals.  All of these help to provide food in the winter months when food is scarce.  Examples of plants with berries are Pyracantha and Holly (Ilex).

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