Sonic Repellents

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Sonic Repellents
These days many people are finding that cats and foxes are becoming a real nuisance in their garden and are seeking ways to deter them.
Most people do not want to harm them, just not have them in their garden.  In search of products to deal with these problems, I came across a compay called Concept Research.  They are British and all their products are manufactured in this country.  They have a number of products that all run on 9 volt batteries and some can also work with a mains adaptor.

CatWatch is the only product to be tested and approved by the RSPB.  It comes with a 2 year warranty and can also be used in conjunction with a mains adapter that boosts the volume by 30%.  Don't worry, neither humans or other animals can hear it.  It can deter cats from almost immediately to a couple of weeks.

FoxWatch is a similar product, but stops them damaging your home, killing pets and wildlife, spreading disease and disturbing your sleep. Like CatWatch it can be boosted by adding a mains adapter.  Should a fault develop they may be reparied.  If not, then a replacemant can be purchased at a discounted price.

Both these products will cover approximately 125m².  If you have a smaller garden then try the Catfree of Pestfree which both cover 88m².  Both come with a 2 year warranty and the Pestfree will also deter rabbits. 

Finally, there is the indoor pest controller for mice, which can be used in kitchens, outbuildings, sheds, garages and caravans.  whilst it has been reported to be effective on rats, it is not guaranteed as they are a very persistant pest. Prices start from £19.99.


Pestfree keeps out almost all mice!
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