Plant Profiles - Six of the best plants for the autumn garden

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Plant Profiles - Six of the best plants for the autumn garden

Euonymus alatus Compactus
This is a stand out plant of the autumn garden.  For several weeks in October this compact form of the Winged Spindle produces a blazing display of amazing pinkish red leaf colour, before the leaves drop revealing a fascinating structure of ‘winged’ branches.

Abelia grandiflora Kaleidoscope
This compact shrub will fit into any garden.  It has dainty blush white flowers in late summer and autumn that are lightly fragrant.  The glossy semi-evergreen leaves intensify in colour to firey orange-red as the year progresses.


Ceratosigma willmottianum
Hardy Plumbago is prized for its vivid lapis lazuli blue flowers produced in late summer and autumn.  An easy to grow garden plant, simply cut back hard in winter.


Acer Osakazuki
Regarded as the best Acer for autumn colour.  Green leaves in summer turn to blazing crimson on established plants. 
As with all Japanese Acers best autumn colours are achieved by planting in ericaceous compost. 


New Parrotia Persian Spire
This fantastic new upright bush has spectacular autumn foliage and is great for adding structure and interest where height is required but space is limited.  Grows to about 75cm wide and 2m tall in 10 years.


Callicarpa Profusion
The Beauty Berry gets its common name for good reason.  It is studded with berries that resemble small iridescent purple pearls.  Best planted in pairs to allow cross pollination and a big display of berries. 

Why not visit our ‘Autumn Fire’ exhibition showing the best colour that autumn has to offer.  Open from Saturday 24th September – Sunday 30th October.
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