Fun when the Sun goes down!

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Now that the BBQ has come out and al fresco dining commenced, it's cosy to have some lights in and around the garden.
Solar lights are ideal for this, as there are no electrics to connect and no leads to restrict where you place them.  You are free to line paths and borders, hang lights in trees, on fences and walls, and place lanterns around the patio and smaller lights on the table.
We now have a much expanded and vast selection to suit every garden and most tastes.

For the path, the Martello Stake Light at £9.99 or 3 for £20.

For extra prettiness, the new solar powered glass flowers will make a statement in any garden.  Available in several designs at £14.99.

To welcome your guests or line a tricky drive, it's worth looking at the new Superbright collection. To line a drive I would recommend the Pharos Motion activated Bollard light at £19.99, or 2 for £30.

For that awkward place at the bottom of the garden where the shed is - a wall mounted motion activated security light at £19.99.

We also stock a wide range of battery operated decorative lights, and glass lanterns for candles.
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